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904.20X3-SP3 - O Profile Guide

904.20X3-SP3 - O Profile Guide

A sliding gate, also known as a slide gate, is a type of gate that operates by sliding horizontally to open or close an entrance. Unlike swing gates that pivot on hinges to open inward or outward, sliding gates move along a track on the ground. The gate is typically supported by bottom wheels and guide rollers (Nylon ), allowing it to slide smoothly along the track .
  • Concreted For Sliding Gates.
  • Galvanized concrete in steel track. Suitable for heavy sliding gates. 
  • O grooved wheels with 20mm groove size can be used with this.
  • Recommended for Heavy weight sliding gates 
  • Can be easily retrofitted 
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Made in Italy
  • Easy Assembly

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