TWINDRIVE 6 - Tackless Bifolding Gate System

TWINDRIVE 6 - Tackless Bifolding Gate System

The bi fold gate hardware is useful where space is limited for a single leaf swing gate.
Unlike traditional swing gates bi-fold gates consist of 2 sections (panels) that are hinged together.

  • Space Saving : Bi-fold gates are known for their space-efficient operation.
  • Quick Operation: Bi-fold gates can open and close relatively quickly, providing a convenient solution for properties where fast access is important.
  • Trackless : Normal Bi fold gates can be automated only with the help of 360 degree rotating roller and ground track .But our specially designed hardware system enables a Bi fold gate to be automated trackless . This can be advantageous in areas where a ground track might be obstructive or difficult to install. Suitable for lightweight gates upto 110kg and 3m clear opening.

  • Motorizable -  Can be used with any standard swing gate operators.

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